n the 2yrs prep is over!

Hi all BTBs!

I know I have been lazy to update this blog since eons years ago..the last was abt the marriage course…geez..thats a yr back!

Fast forward, we are a mth old today. Its truly a life changing experience!
Wake up early, siapkan makan, siapkan baju etc..

But fun at the same time coz u have a friend to accompany u everywhere and do things with u! haa..

So ni nak rewind back on what happened on 29-30 november. I think these following people need an applaud and a pat on their back and also a deserved testimonial for ALLLL the bride to be out there. Truly blessed to have them for our wedding. REALLY tak bedek! worth every single cents.

1. Puteh by Rhis

I must say Rhis and team are super talented! I can never say enough seeing how Rhis and team put in effort in making our wedding a unique one. He was excited in every piece that we select and kept surprising us with new outfits. Being fickle me, I had a hard time in deciding sampaikan sang suami warning (sudah eh..takmo tukar2 lagi) hahaha..Rhis kept showing me new outfits every now and that excites me further…knowing that I am the first to wear that baju..apa lagi! haha.. he even went his extra mile to get new fabric just to add to my outfit in making it to be like a sparkling new baju different from his past brides! I love how his ideas kept running in his mind. He always have ideas to add on. The balloons, the funky theme he proposed on having for the 2nd Sunday outfit. The big surprise he had for me that almost got me fainted n fickle again on my last visit to his kedai. If you want a bridal who is truly passionate in doing andaman and not just for the sake of getting ur money, it got to be Puteh by Rhis. He is passionate and put his 200% effort in your wedding. He will make sure u look different than any other bride he ever had eventhough with the same baju. I love how he already had the look and style planned and knows what to do for every outfit. and trust me, u will have a different hairdo for every outfit. He is generous with his accessories and his hairdo skills is a bomb. Ni kalau elaborate further, tak akan habis. If tak percaya, visit his facebook by clicking onto his name kat atas tu and see for yourselves. =)

2. Comel Molek Decor

Uncle Lan..Another god send individual. Truly blessed to have him as our decor. I almost cried in tears seeing how my deco turned out to be that night. SUPER CANTIK marsyallah. if only i have a dinner event, everything will be so class and beautiful with all the yellow lights and all. So blessed to have him who put in his 200% effort together with abg aidil in giving me the kind of theme that I want. My theme was “of crystals, diamonds and mirrors”. Seriously, if i can keep that void deck as my house, i wld..hahhaha..the deco was truly spectacular and unexpected. When we first met at my house, we knew we can get along well and we knew that he knows the kind of wedding I want. We trust that he can deliver, hence we just gave him our theme and leave the rest to him to visualize.  He is so the tak lokek with tips and advise. Truly easy to work with and always open with ideas. So fortunate to have them who went his extra miles in getting new accessories just to meet to the kind of theme that I want. Sampai kat overseas pun, he got reminded of my wedding. Sungguh terharu! hahhaa… Another vendor who does their job out of passion and not just for your money. Really deserves a testimonial. For those who still dunnoe which deco to choose, think no more, get him! He only does 1 wedding per wkend so rest assured he will only give his 100% focus on ur wedding alone.

3. Suhana Catering

Kak Ana from Suhana Catering was truly generous individual. Again, we got surprised from another vendor. Kak Ana is always giving us tips and advise and I heard raving reviews from my guest that the food spread was good! syukur alhamdulillah. the laksa, mee siam, the goreng pisang n whatnots (coz i wasnt there to see whats on the buffet table). Many talk abt it! sedappp!!

4. Merah In Motion
Love this bunch..they were witty and easy to get along with, very prompt and punctual and always on their toes. I have yet to get my videos from them. But i believe they can do a good job!! =)

5. Bliss Photo Cinema

Syarfique. best. just one word jer. best. we can get along so well. he happened to be my company DND photographer. We are yet to meet at that point of time but he just look too familiar for me from his photos. Approached him after the event n turns out he is really syarfique! Syarfique was super easy going, funny and he does give lots of advice and tips too. Very accomodating and professional too. just cant wait to see my photos!

6. Simplycakes Singapore

ok,  here’s the bomb here that made not only children but adults too screaming for all the goodies on these table. a 5 table long candy spread that has a range from kacang putih, asam asin, jeruk, sweet tooth candies, middle eastern delights(from hana indulgence), cakepops, cupcakes and macarons! OMG kenapa la wedding orang lain that i go takde bende ni eh..boleh jugak i enjoy all these things..haha..but i m happy that all my guest are happy n excitedly aiming for the goodies when they are there while some unfortunately didnt get the opportunity as there are too many people at the 5 table long candy spread. I super love the setup, the intricate details of blink blink that they had on the bottles, trays and even the sendok! all the details they had hanging at the top to make the table shine n noticeable even from a distant.

not to forget my wedding cake! ok i have 2 wedding cakes. Macaron tower for my first cake cutting and a 7 tier cake(i tink so, lost count already) for my 2nd cake cutting. I had guest running for the last piece of macarons. or rather, a small kid hurried to the cake table n took 1 macaron from my cake cutting table while i was at my dias..LOL..Do check out their facebook for more pictures!

*disclaimer. tho this is my sister’s rendered service for me, i would say that all things mentioned are not biased or whatnot. its truly a honest testimonial. i m just proud of SC!

7. Photobooth and live streaming

Ok, part ni best. Coz ramai org tertanya which vendor i took. Its non other than me myself n i! I did my own instabooth. no no its not like those u see elsewhere where u snap with ur smartphone, then get it printed. Sorry. kite tak main print print. coz sekarang kalau print pun, they will snap the print and post kat instagram. betul tak? =) so what i did was to do a studio setup with background stand..bought kain from arab st as the background. a friend loan me an umbrella and flash for lighting. Using my own dslr, i connect my cam to my laptop. Once photo was taken, it will be transferred to the laptop where someone will be there to take care and upload the photo into a central instagram account. If guest nak give well wishes, they can type it out on the laptop itself.

Another best part is that, this will show live on a projector that i rented. LIVE! yes live! means, so long u put a hashtag, it will show live on the projector. best kan…I also a niece who followed me and record/snap the event n posted it on instagram so people back at my place get to view it on the screen. =)

yang best ye, that saturday night happens to be Msia-Singapore match..apalagi, the void deck mcm screening live football gitu..haaha

ok so all is over. how i wish i can replay it over n over again. the 2-3hrs of sleeps, the gotong royong, the happiness, the jaw dropping moments. so much love for all that. now that we are married, time to start saving money(yet again!) for another milestone in our lives!


Pre-marriage course

hi all!

seems like i have only been updating every 6mths..! thats because I have been busy busy with work, sch and exams..

hence, all wedding preps are stopped at the moment..

something to update! we registered ourselves to suchi success!

after hearing raving reviews about them, we cant wait to go thru it..

cuma, the setback is that, we need to go there to make payment..

which is abit hard due to our timing at work..

tho its like 1 year to our wedding date, we decide to go now partly because he will be working shift starting next year and it will be hard to get sat and sun off for the course..

so till our next entries!

hey ya all..

been quite awhile since my last post..

been bz n  i almost wana shut this down since i got no time to post..

semangat 5minute jerr me..



anyway, naz from bliss was nice enough to give me a call one day to correct some information which i may interpret incorrectly in my prev post..

n oops! yes! he read my blog…yes u are naz..

n since u are reading this..

sorry if my prev post caused uncomfortable in you..

take it as a pitch of salt ya! hee..

u aint that quiet after all!

infact, i was pretty happy to bump into you the other day at my cousin’s wedding!

it was such a fate…!

bliss n us..cant wait to see their photos!

so yea..to correct some information, tho naz was kind enough to give me a lengthy explanation about bliss background, i am sorry but i couldnt absorb all as he called me while i was in midst of doing something at that time..

so i aint gona say in detail now..

takut salah lagi!! >.<

let me tell all of u that bliss does not only have 3 photographers..

they do have a few…n they do engage few photographers under their wing for certain assignments..

so yea..

maaf nyeer kalau tersalah kata…

bulan baik ni, harap maaf.. =)


so yea, after looking thru at their portfolios (yes, i cant stop looking at them till now)

m happy that i engage them for my wedding *dance ard*

cant wait!

mcm nak fast forward jer..



so whats now?

we are still searching for honeymoon destination…

any ideas?

beach seems to be monsoon season in dec..

aust seems to be a hot season in dec..

anywhere else btb?

wheres is ur destination honeymoon?

An appt with Bliss Photocinema

Had a trip down to Kallang to meet up with Naz frm Bliss yesterday.
The place was deepppp in n quiet n I cant imagine working there and going back late at night..

When we arrived, theres another couple with him who r just about to go off..
Prior to the appt, gf of mine who took them before showed their portfolio individually .I was excited looking thru their photos..
There are 3 photographers in Bliss namely Syafique, Naz and syahruz.
She assured me that I was in gd hands..
All of them r gd!! Ok.that got me smile till d ears.lol
After viewing their portfolio,  I knew naz is d one for us..
His photos were goodilicious n I love his style of shots with those bokeh n stuff..
It makes it even better that he was d one who gonna served us later!
however, after meet up with them, i start to ponder…one downside that kept me thinking till now was how quiet n not chatty naz is..
Naz is quiet n that made me worry! !
But gf told me not!
N assured me that I was in gd hands of them..
Well, I hope so..I bet we will b all nervous n all on that day n having one photographer who is quiet is nt gonna help at all..

Well at least I can rely on my videographer who were a lot more chatty n ‘candi’…! We took merah in motion..will blog abt them another day..

Our photographer

We will be having our appt with Bliss soon.

We had to go with our 2nd option as Chase Hasemi was taken.

Despite our early reply to confirm with him, another couple approach them earlier(tho they confirmed with him later!), hence he had to give the priority to the first couple and ask their confirmation first..hmpf!

So we had to expand our budget alil and get Bliss. Thank god Bliss is still available! If not, we will need to go to our 3rd option which is Kiera Roxanne.

Our requirement is simple. We just want photos. We want to save as much as we can and having me with design background, I will definitely save some moolas by getting my photobook printed on my own. I did outdoor photography for friends wedding together with photobook so why would I need others to do mine? hee! save kan?

We just need a good photographer and their photos! thats all..!

Excited to meet Bliss and secure our date. =) 


Merah InMotion

It was nt getting any better at work plus exams plus sourching out vendors when we knew that our date is fully book by our fav vendors..
so one day, i hook up an appt with MiM.
The fiance was having his training that evening hence, he rushed his way to my place in time for the appt.
i thought it would be better if it were to be carried out at home since the family is there to see.

so we were greeted with a team of 3 at 8.10pm.
They were pretty early!
just before they got into our house,
they made a joke that made me go along with them..
that was nice tho..
the atmosphere wasnt that tense..

they were funny and easy to talk to.
they showed us the final output..the dvd cover..
a choice of 2..
we instantly love the all black cover..
they also brought along a copy of their proj and we had it played on our dvd player..
our package was 1800 and that includes 3 videos- highlights, nikah(longer ver) and sanding(longer ver)
their payment is 30%-50%-20%.

Yes, i do agree that CST cinematography and flow of music was much better..
but i think MIM do a good job too..
i do sense the similar cinematography that they has which is similar to CST..
but of coz laa..CST tetap power la kan..
harga pun power..
n abit ridiculous too..
tho i do have cousin who is one of their videographer..
but sorry bro..i give it a go..
2.5k without transport and only few mins video..
i think u give me the footage, i edit myself pun cantik…hee..
so i cliche a deal with MIM..
n m happy abt it.
ppl are friendly, their artwork pun boleh tahan ada standard jugak..

so yea! 1 is down!
can strike this off the list..

first blog!

ok..i was surfing through n i stumbled onto few wedding blogs n got inspired to do 1!

We are 1.5yrs away to our big day and things are just about to get excited.

We were welcomed with exciting news last Thursday and it will mark the start of our new journey.

Feeling more secured and seems like all is laid for.

Been trying to settle as much as possible this June before school starts.

Lets go through the checklist ya.

  • Bridal: Dglamz Wedding by Ashly & Puteh by Rhis
  • Videographer: Merah in Motion
  • Photographer: Hoping to get Bliss Photocinema
  • Decor: Hoping to get Comel Molek Decor
  • Catering: Shall leave to Mom

Some that are not decided are

  • Berkat
  • DJ
  • Photobooth (we have the tools..but not the manpower..anyone? hee..)
  • Wedding Cards
  • Anything else that I missed?

Inhouse/ Sponsored items:

  • Videography
  • Wedding Cake
  • Dessert Table